About Saini Catering

We are compelled by our love of food to offer as many choices as possible to our customers. Our customers say that it seems as if there's something new to try each time they see the menu.

C/O Baldev Saini

Saini Catering stablished from 1956 in Patiala.We have known for good services and food for last fifty nine years old. Our catering team has created an extensive menu of scrumptious fork and finger foods. We've continued to grow over the last years, but our aim remains simple: to win you as a customer, and have you return to us again and again.

Our Special Guest Apperance

We know the celebrity also and we share about our ajanda of own catering service with them.We know the take care of special guest with others.



Saini Catering also touched in Special guest and celebrity, And we'r always take care of them like other's guest and we take points by our guest and clients.



Saini Catering also touched in Special guest and celebrity, And we'r always take care of them like other's guest and we take points by our guest and clients.

Our Specialties

You can easily spice up any party when you get Pure Cajun catered at Pure Cajun Specialty Foods & Catering, Winnie, TX. With specialty selections from boils and gumbos to hearty steaks, you can be sure to find something everyone will enjoy. Check out our catering menu, or stop in and grab a quick lunch to-go!


Our Delicious Breakfast

We are very concious about your health ,that why we provide you breakfast full of protein and vitamins,like Eggs,Bread,Gam,Butter,Sugar free biscuits and many thing else.


Healthy and Tasty Lunch

Our Guest staying always surprised about our lunch menu.This is our secerate for all peoples.Our team handle this menu system to full of conciousness about your health.


Special Cooking Neight

We also provide the Candle Light Dinner parties,Birthday parties,Occassional parties,Corporate parties,Festival parties and many thing else. We always ready to provide own service to you.

Clients Say

Our Clients satisfaction is the major part for us by our food quality and service management.We always take a Clients testimonials after the function,that's the part of our main income.

"Thank you for last night's delicious dinner. The food and the service were wonderful, and I loved the menu cards; they were gorgeous. And the napkin folds worked really well with the place cards.I hope you all know how much I, and the Saini Catering Leadership appreciate all that you do to make hospitality events on this campus top notch. Thanks for going the extra mile." Major Kamal Singh Rawat
"Thank you so much for a spectacular catering job! The desserts were wonderful to look at and eat, and it was so fun to tell all the guests that they were catered by Saini Catering. [...] Everything was so well done -- from the servers that set everything up to the desserts themselves. Truly a spectacular job! Thank you so much!" Sh.Om Parkash


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Our Clients Contact Us to mention this address and phone no.Saini Catering team waiting for provide own service to you.

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